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Put Customer-Centric Values Front and Center with a Custom Blog

Atrion - Faster Safer Smarter NetworksWhen was the last time you worked with a company that made you feel like you mattered? In the world of data communication equipment and services, Atrion Communications Resources stands out from the crowd of providers by forming close, personal partnerships with the companies and people it serves.

But Atrion faces a significant challenge in its communications: demonstrating that its devotion to customers is more than skin deep.

“Even the most skeptical prospects are put at ease by our customer-centric attitude and outstanding performance. We need to show them that they aren’t just a client to us, but that we’re a friend that they can utilize when the time comes,” says Krystina Barbieri, Atrion’s marketing manager.

High-touch sales in a highly competitive arena

Ation offers a unique set of services and expertise. As a reseller of networking and security equipment, the company offers solutions from exceptional vendor partners. But the service Atrion provides goes far beyond the typical equipment sale.

Barbieri explains, “We start with a needs assessment that looks not just at the equipment we might sell them, but creates a holistic view of the entire organization.” Then, Atrion consultants can recommend products for the client’s particular environment. The service includes a proof of concept — literally a test-drive of the equipment in the environment to ensure the solution actually works.

“Our strong relationship with vendors allows us to provide competitive pricing, coupled with engineering services and training with most contracts,” continues Barbieri. “We ensure our clients are prepared and happy with the product and services we will continue to provide throughout the lifecycle of their purchase.”

The effort pays off, she says, as clients realize exceptional value from Atrion and return to the company for maintenance, services, and problem-solving expertise.

Content strengthens the connection

Atrion’s service-delivery model provides tremendous value to clients. But to generate an initial level of trust, the company needed content that not only showed Atrion’s expertise, but demonstrated their understanding of the problems clients face in today’s complex IT landscape.

Atrion started building its content a year and a half ago with a regular trend- and solution-focused email newsletter. Now, it’s moved to a blog format that enables the company to communicate with readers more often and cover a flexible array of topics.

Barbieri explains that the newsletter provided articles about common customer problems that could be solved with vendor solutions. Atrion’s new blog takes a slightly different tack. “The blog allows us to focus more closely on what our customers want to hear about: trends, the latest innovative technology, and how we can potentially help them avoid serious upcoming security and network threats.”

Barbieri also integrates traditional blogs with additional media the company creates, including videos. “We use the blog as a blog/vlog combination to engage our viewers in network optimization and network security discussions and promote product training courses that we offer.”

To ensure that Atrion’s content adapts to its clients’ needs over time, the company has partnered with Active Blogs. “I call them ‘My Wonderful Wonder Team’ because they are extremely professional, kind, and willing to help us out as much as possible with all aspects of the blog,” says Barbieri. “I could not have asked for a more dedicated and diligent group of individuals.”

Just as Atrion does for its clients, Active Blogs’ content development experts take the time to understand Atrion’s goals and provide content that is geared toward real-world concerns. “There is a fine line between educating consumers about industry trends and a flat-out sales pitch,” says Barbieri. “The blog is a perfect method for subtlety.”

With content that is timely and engaging, Barbieri and her team aim to not only bring readers to Atrion’s website, but create the kind of connection that will build trust and start new relationships. “We look forward to engaging our readers in thought-provoking discussions that can open up doors of solutions not only for them, but for us as well,” she says.

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