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Marketing HaHas

“Why did the email marketer get off the trampoline? He was worried about his bounce rate!”

Don’t Let Content Creation Obstacles Hold Your Marketing Back

Content marketing is simple in theory: Create interesting, relevant content your audience can engage with on a regular basis. A Contently article reports that in a study of 270 marketing professionals surveyed by Ascend2, almost 60% of marketers believed content creation is their most effective marketing strategy. However, businesses often find it is also one […]

How Can I Build Thought Leadership for My Brand?

If you’re like most businesses, setting your company apart from the competition is a constant priority. With an influx of content flooding the web, distinguishing your brand and message from others is more important than ever. Becoming a thought leader in your industry can win you the trust — and ultimately the business — of […]

Put Customer-Centric Values Front and Center with a Custom Blog

When was the last time you worked with a company that made you feel like you mattered? In the world of data communication equipment and services, Atrion Communications Resources stands out from the crowd of providers by forming close, personal partnerships with the companies and people it serves. But Atrion faces a significant challenge in […]

5 Marketing Practices You Should Be Using in 2015

2015 has already been quite a year for businesses. In the marketing world, some techniques and tools that have been viewed as “emerging” have reached maturity. Throughout the rest of 2015, companies will be using them more strategically as they look for new and better ways to enhance their business. If you aren’t already taking advantage […]

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